Spring brings fresh flowers, warm air, and of course, an urge to clean and declutter. Pressure washing is a simple, thorough way to clean your home’s exterior and outdoor hardscapes. Elevate your spring cleaning routine by giving your exterior a fresh start. 

We have compiled a list of 7 spaces that are best to spring clean by power washing.

1. Gutters

Winter debris and fall leaves can clog your gutters and prevent proper drainage from your roof. Pressure washing can help restore your gutters so you can protect your roof from damage.

2. House Siding

Mold, mildew, and dirt cling to the sides of your home and can get trapped in the siding. Pressure washing provides a deep clean, and Renew Crew’s signature clean helps protect your siding from the elements.

3. Decks

Dirt and debris can build up on your deck. Our three-step process includes a pre-soak foam to target that tough mildew, a power wash to provide a deep clean, and a protective finish to ensure your deck is ready for the summer heat and bare feet.

4. Driveways

Driveways undergo a lot of wear-and-tear throughout the year. Pressure washing is the easiest, safest, and least time-consuming way to renew your driveway this spring.

5. Patio Furniture

Spring cleaning routines often neglect patio furniture, but the pollen, mildew, and dirt do not. Pressure washing can easily clean your outdoor furniture, and our eco-friendly formula ensures that your furniture stays safe for kids and pets.

6. Garage

While you’re decluttering your garage, consider starting with a fresh foundation. Pressure washing your garage floor can strip away years of stains and dirt from car tires, lawn care equipment, and other tools.

7. Roof

Your roof collects a lot of fallen debris that is hard to reach and hard to see. Pressure washing allows you to give your roof a thorough cleansing and clear off seasons of gathered dirt.


Take advantage of Renew Crew’s signature, eco-friendly pressure washing services this spring can get your home ready to enjoy the summer! For a free estimate, call 1-877-683-8000.