Innovative experts in outdoor surfaces cleaning, sealing and protection.

Eco-friendly rejuvenations for decks, fences, siding, gutters, patios and walkways.
Our Company

The Renew Crew Philosophy

Our goal is to offer you excellent personal service while delivering a cleaner clean, a greener clean and a longer lasting clean – all without risking damage to your surfaces. Our unique, 3-step process developed as a result of this goal, as did our exclusive, eco-friendly products and our decision to never use damaging high-pressure spraying.

Our Genesis

The Renew Crew History

A better clean

It all started in March 1993 in Springfield, Missouri. Stan Krempges was a partner in a fence installation business. He saw that his customers desired a better way to keep their fences, decks and other outdoor structures clean and protected. Ever responsive to customer needs, Stan set out to find that better way.

After extensive research, Stan developed an environmentally safe cleaner specifically for exterior wood. This cleaner was a thick foam that could cling to vertical surfaces better, allowing it to soak into the wood to emulsify and remove embedded dirt, mold and mildew. The results were amazing.

A better seal

Spurred on by that success, Stan continued to work with leading coatings chemists to develop an equally eco-friendly protectant that would permeate the wood for a deep seal against damaging moisture, dirt buildup and UV rays. The special polymers not only provided great protection, they created an extremely attractive finish that showed off the natural luster and grain of whatever wood it was applied on.

Stan’s wood cleaning and sealing business, Wood Re New, became an instant hit with his customers. In 2002, demand for his service was so great he started franchising his business. Wood Re New grew to service 11 states from 21 locations.

The perfect fit

In 2011, Stan learned about Outdoor Living Brands, the only franchise company dedicated exclusively to serving America’s outdoor living needs. After meeting the Outdoor Living Brands management team, Stan decided that this company was a perfect fit. Outdoor Living Brands was dedicated to the same level of excellence that Wood Re New was. One of their existing companies, Archadeck, would dovetail beautifully with Wood Re New’s service. Together the companies could build superior decks and keep them in superior shape.

In 2012, Stan had the opportunity to diversify the Wood Re New business by adding options to clean and protect additional outdoor surfaces, including all types of siding, patios, driveways, sidewalks and more. New, proprietary solutions were developed to clean and protect these surfaces.

Growing service

The new solutions all met the Wood Re New philosophy of providing a cleaner, greener, longer lasting clean. However, the Wood Re New name no longer fit the expanded services. And so, the Renew Crew name was born.

Today, as part of the Outdoor Living Brands family, Renew Crew offers customers everywhere a better way to clean and protect virtually all of their exterior surfaces.