Renew Crew Clean vs. pressure washing: no comparison.

Our proprietary 3-step process penetrates, cleans and protects.

More than Just Power Washing
Services for Any Surface

Pressure or power washing is great at removing surface dirt quickly. For a deep, long-lasting clean, there’s nothing better for outdoor surfaces. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, it can also quickly gouge your surfaces, leaving irreparable damages to your home or deck. If you want a true, deep clean — with no risk of gouging — nothing beats a Renew Crew Clean.

While commercial pressure washing hastily bullies surface dirt away (leaving damage behind in the process), Renew Crew takes a more meticulous 3-step approach. We start with a presoak, using a gentle (yet effective) foam to work even the most persistent dirt and grey wood fibers out from any cracks or crevices. Next comes our signature pressure washing service, which powers any grit and grime away. After the first two steps, your surface will look good as new — but unlike other companies, we don’t stop there. For our final step, we apply a protective finish to help maintain your surfaces and keep them much cleaner for longer.

The result of our 3-step process is a brighter clean than any pressure washing company can provide. Renew Crew makes your deck, siding, concrete, etc. look like new!

Want to learn more about our famous three-step process? Here’s an in-depth look at each step:

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing: after all, there’s no reason someone with a cozy deck should be charged the same as someone looking for pressure washing services for their entire house. Instead, every estimate is tailored to the particulars of your unique property. Give us a call today or get your free estimate by typing in your zip code in the green button at the top of this page. And remember, Renew Crew offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with our services, we’ll make it right.


Pre-soak Foam

Our exclusive biodegradable and environmentally-friendly foam clings and penetrates, loosening deep-down dirt and grey wood fibers. The foam lifts the loosened dirt, bringing it to the surface, while also killing mold and mildew without harsh chlorines.


Power clean

Non-damaging pressure rinses grime away and releases grey wood fibers. Surfaces are restored to their original appeal without gouging or blasting away good wood, and our power cleaning will not harm your plants.


Protective finish

Special polymers enhance and prolong the natural beauty of woods and extend the life of your surfaces. Our protective finish fights weather damage by repelling the elements, including UV rays. It also seals pores to fight dirt buildup.