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Renew Crew beats DIY pressure washing hands down.

You can’t get the deep, Renew Crew Clean with power washing. (But, boy can you get headaches!)

Why risk your neck on a ladder and waste countless hours and energy getting a second-rate clean? Especially when you risk irreparably damaging your surfaces with caustic chemicals and/or intense blasts from a power washer? (Not to mention the risk of killing hundreds of dollars worth of shrubs, trees or perennials.)

Power washing is extremely technique sensitive. If you’re not at the right angle (usually from above, requiring an even higher ladder) or the right distance, you can gouge surfaces or barely clean them. It’s a fine line, even for a professional.

Plus, power washing simply doesn’t provide the deep-down clean you can get from Renew Crew’s exclusive 3-step process and proprietary, eco-friendly cleaners. Instead of blasting dirt around willy-nilly like other pressure washing companies, we loosen it and lift it away with a pre-soak foam. Then we wash the dirt away with pressure that won’t harm the surface or your plants.

We’re No Ordinary Power Washing Company

Our proprietary, eco-friendly cleaners are safe and effective on any surface, including vinyl, wood, brick, stucco and Hardie. Because we don’t use chlorine, caustic acids, or other harmful chemicals, there is no “collateral damage” in your landscaping once we’re done pressure washing – just sparkling walls, siding, decking and paving.

You don’t have to worry about your pets and kids, either; our cleaning solutions won’t harm them. The only thing we’re hard on is dirt. And then there’s our special polymer seal that keeps your surfaces looking fabulous longer — so they won’t need to be cleaned as often!

We’re Even Gentle on Wood

Wood siding and decking can be especially vulnerable to the elements — or poorly-done pressure washing. We’ve got our finger on the solution: after all, cleaning and protecting wood surfaces is where we got our start in 1993. Our gentle cleaning process kills mold and mildew without harming the wood itself, then our sealant brings out the wood’s natural grain at the same time it protects it.

So Why DIY?

The DIY equation doesn’t add up in your favor when it comes to cleaning and protecting your siding, concrete, deck, or any other outdoor surfaces. Have Renew Crew do the job with superior results at an affordable price. Then, make better use of your time on other projects!

When it comes to cleaning and protecting your deck, siding, concrete, or any other outdoor surfaces, Renew Crew beats DIY hands down. Have Renew Crew do the job with superior results at an affordable price. Then, make better use of your time on other projects!