An Overview of the Benefits of Pressure Washing Wood Decks Thanks to their effectiveness, pressure washers are extremely popular tools among homeowners. You can find a wide range of sizes, equipped with various types of nozzles. These are attached to the tip of a spray wand, and modulate the jet of high-pressure water, making it stronger or less impactful. When applied to a surface, this jet of water cleans the dirt by agitation. Pressure washing wood decks are much easier to clean than scrubbing them by hand. Still, caution should be taken not to ruin the surface of the wood. Overuse can lead to the wood fiber erosion, as a result of the powerful force of the water jet. Besides erosion, it can cause dislocation, which can leave your wood deck fuzzy or rough after it dries. Why hire a professional pressure washing crew Professional deck cleaners have often witnessed the premature deterioration of wood decks when inexperienced people handled the cleaning. Undesirable consequences resulted from inappropriately using the tool, employing the wrong nozzle type, applying too much pressure, or holding the spray wand too closely to the wood surface. So unless you are very experienced in maneuvering a spray wand, it’s best to leave the task to professional pressure washing companies like Renew Crew. Causes of wood deck deterioration Mold feeds on dirt and debris, so you need to clean your wood deck periodically to avoid mold accumulation. Drainage from gutters and flower pots, especially, make it thrive. Because of this, it’s important to refrain from putting flower pots on your wood deck and to ensure that rainwater from your gutters doesn’t reach it. Given the fact that the deck is fully exposed to the elements, it’s subjected to various risks. Sunlight can wear off the surface fibers, while rain and snow can infiltrate through the surface, swelling or warping the wood. All these weaken the wood structure. Pressure washing can remedy the surface damage caused by the elements to your wood deck. Pressure washing is a tested way of maintaining your deck and an effective method to protect your investment. Take advantage of fine weather and inspect your deck closely. If the underside is accessible, inspect all joists, posts, and beams for damage. Have the deck pressure-washed professionally every year to enhance its durability. July 09, 2013 · Pressure Washing