Blast the Past: The Benefits of Pressure Washing for Concrete and Wood Surfaces Spring is the time when many homeowners take their cleaning efforts to the next level, however, during spring cleaning it can become easy to ignore the exterior of a home. Just as the interior of a home needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained, as does the outside of a home. Stains that have built up over time on wooden or concrete patios can be incredibly difficult to remove because of the nature of these particular materials. Since they are semi-porous, it’s possible for stains to seep into the materials and become deeply engrained. Standard cleaning methods aren’t likely to remove these set-in stains, and in the process, it’s possible to cause further damage to a deck or patio. Pressure washing concrete is the most effective way to deal with stubborn stains. A pressure washer has the ability to scour away stains and debris of all types, including dirt, mold and other stains. Some pressure washers offer the ability to produce heated water that further augments the cleaning process by loosening and cleaning extremely difficult to remove stains like oil and grease. While a pressure washer offers the most effective way to clean wood and concrete structures, it can cause damage if used incorrectly. This is particularly true when used on certain types of woods. Not only can the structure itself be damaged, but outdoor furniture and landscaping can also be damaged during the process. To avoid the potential for damage, it’s recommended that homeowners contact a reputable pressure washing company, such as Renew Crew. Pressure washing professionals have the experience and know-how to use a device correctly, while still providing the utmost level of cleanliness and stain removal. In addition to proper technique, pressure washing companies also utilize special detergents and sealants that not only clean but also restore and protect outdoor living spaces. During your spring cleaning routine it may be worthwhile to consider treating your outdoor spaces with the same care and consideration given to your indoor spaces. A company like Renew Crew can provide stain removal services to ensure that the exterior of your home is as beautiful as the interior. May 22, 2013 · Pressure Washing