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Updating An Outdoor Living Space for a Lighter Look

At Renew Crew, the majority of our clients contact us because their outdoor living spaces aren’t looking great. Their decks or fences may be greying or their patio or gutters may be stained.

A space does not have look bad to warrant a visit from Renew Crew however. Take this gazebo for instance. It doesn’t look bad at all. The color is even and it isn’t fading or chipping in any area. The owners simply didn’t like the color. It was too dark for their taste and they wanted something lighter.

Even though the wood wasn’t dirty, Renew Crew’s still needed to clean, strip and protect the surface. A stripping formula had to be used to remove the existing color as a lighter stain can’t be applied to a darker to make a difference.

After the color was removed, Renew Crew used its eco-friendly wood cleaning solution to remove any dirt or grime that had built up on the surface. A lot of the dirt would have been removed in the stripping process, but you can never be too careful!

Once the cleaning solution was able to loosen any dirt, grime or dead wood fibers, we rinsed it with a low-pressure wash. This is where hiring a professional pressure washing company is helpful. Pressure washing can easily cause damage on outdoor surfaces, sometimes leaving gouges or chips if it’s a patio, not to mention you can easily hurt yourself! Each of our trained team members knows how to get rid of all the grime safely without damaging your outdoor living spaces.

The last step is protecting the wood, which is also when the wood gets its color. Renew Crew applied a lighter, semi-transparent wood protectant to the gazebo. It was the perfect update for the homeowner to have the brighter outdoor living space she was hoping for.

If you have questions on cleaning or updating your outdoor living spaces, please reach out to your local Renew Crew office.

When Only the Cleanest Clean will Do

There are times when you just want your home to look its best: a graduation party you’re hosting, an office get-together, or maybe your in-laws are coming to visit. If you’re like me, you go into a cleaning frenzy to make sure everything is perfect, both indoors and out.

When it comes to outdoor maintenance, sometimes the job is best left to the pros. I know that a landscaper will leave my property looking better than I ever will and when it comes to pressure washing, Renew Crew is the team to turn to.

At Renew Crew, we pride ourselves on providing the cleanest clean, but the true difference is in our products and process. Unlike other pressure washing companies, Renew Crew only uses eco-friendly products. Harsh chemicals can clean your surfaces well, but they can also discolor or kill the surrounding plants and flowers or get into your ground water. Our cleaning products are still tough on dirt and grime, but won’t leave any negative effects on your landscaping. We apply the cleaner with a foam sprayer.

After the eco-friendly cleaner has time to dig deep into the surface and loosen the dirt, we use a pressure washer to remove all the grime. If you watch this step happen, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

This is where the typical pressure washing company stops, but they’re missing the most important step! Renew Crew goes one step further by protecting your surfaces from further damage, mold and mildew. Cleaning and not protecting your deck, patio or walkway will actually make it more susceptible to dirt as the pores have been freshly opened. Just like the cleaning solution, Renew Crew’s protective products are eco-friendly. They bring out the color and textures of the surfaces and stop the elements, even UV-rays, from getting to the materials.

Our clients know that when their property has to look it’s best, they can trust Renew Crew and so can you!