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Renew Crew Enhances Franchise Recruitment Website

All of us at Renew Crew, America’s most trusted pressure washing company, are happy to announce the enhancement of RenewCrewFranchise.com, our franchise recruitment website.

RenewCrewFranchise.com aims to educate potential candidates on our business and franchising in general and help them to evaluate if it is a viable way for them to achieve their personal, lifestyle and financial goals. The site walks interested parties through 5 clear steps.

Step 1 is all about you. In these 5 pages, we’ll help you to evaluate if investing in a Renew Crew location is the right next step for you. We’ll cover some questions to ask yourself, how Renew Crew can help you to achieve your goals, why franchising works, if Renew Crew is specifically a good fit for you and some frequently asked questions.

You’ll learn more specifics on Renew Crew and its parent company, Outdoor Living Brands (OLB), in Step 2: About Renew Crew. First off you’ll learn about OLB, our family of companies, and our Code of Values. Then we’ll cover Renew Crew’s position as a market leader and our business model. Finally, you’ll hear from our clients in a number of testimonials.

Step 3 covers the training and support available to all of our Renew Crew franchisees, because franchising is all about being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Our training and support teams cover marketing and lead generation, accounting, sales and operations. Our franchisees will explain in their own words how the corporate support staff is here to help you grow your business.

Step 4 covers Renew Crew’s available markets and investment considerations. Currently, there are over 350 viable territories left in the United States. We’ll discuss what type of an investment a franchisee is expected to make as they enter and grow their business.

Lastly, step 5 discusses next steps to learn more about the Renew Crew opportunity. Each one of our franchisees goes through a discovery and qualification process where you learn all about us and we learn about you to see if we make a good fit.

Please learn more about Renew Crew at RenewCrewFranchise.com!

Renew Crew is Coming to Nashville and Pittsburgh

We are so happy to announce that Renew Crew is coming to Pittsburgh and Nashville! Owners David Perlmutter and Sam Francescon are currently in the Richmond, Virginia headquarters for training.

Unlike normalpressure washing companies, our owners and technicians go through thorough training before they go out to clean any exterior surface. Pressure washers are powerful machines that have the ability to both clean your deck, fence, patio, siding, etc. and damage it. What many homeowners don’t understand is that when used incorrectly, a high powered pressure washer can create cracks, breaks and gouges in your outdoor living spaces.

During training, every new Renew Crew owner spends a week being trained on all aspects of the business. Parts of numerous days are spent outside in the field cleaning and sealing outdoor surfaces with two members of our franchise support team. They clean and protect all kinds of outdoor materials to learn the exact process that provides our clients with great results and ensures no damage is done to your property.

Our outdoor surfaces are exposed to a lot: foot traffic, rain, sun, yard debris, and more. It’s not surprising that over time they can start to look less than stellar. Just because it looks bad, however, doesn’t mean that it needs to be replaced. In many instances the structure of the project is perfectly sound, it just needs a spruce up. That’s where Renew Crew comes in. Our three-step process will make all the difference…

If you have questions regarding outdoor surface cleaning, please reach out to your local Renew Crew office.

Renew Crew Welcomes New Franchisees

We are happy to announce our newest franchisees that have joined the Renew Crew team. This week welcomed new offices in Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina and Michigan. They will be providing deck cleaning and sealing in their respective markets starting soon.

Renew Crew is a franchise company based out of Richmond, Virginia. When a new franchisee joins our team, they come to Richmond for a weeklong training process. They are thoroughly trained on all aspects of the business including marketing, sales, products, best practices and more. One of the largest parts of training is hands-on where outdoor living spaces are cleaned and protected.

Our new locations are: Renew Crew of Greenville, Renew Crew of Charlotte, Renew Crew of Southwest Michigan, Renew Crew of Montgomery County and Renew Crew of Greater Columbia.

If you are interested in learning more about Renew Crew, our three-step process and how it can leave your outdoor spaces looking like new, please contact your local Renew Crew office or visit us at RenewCrewClean.com.