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Brighten your Home’s Façade with Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an important part of outdoor maintenance, however, most homeowners focused solely on the inside of the gutters. But cleaning the outside of your gutters makes your home look brighter and well kept.

I have to admit, when I first purchased our home, I never even looked at the outside of my gutters. As a new homeowner, I knew I needed to periodically clean out any leaves or other debris that may clog my gutters, but when it came to the outside of the gutters, they were completely ignored. It wasn’t until I really paid attention that I realized how dirty they were!

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that the outside of gutters get so dirty. Tar and debris from your roof shingles will streak down and stain the outside, dirty water may roll over the surface and they are constantly vulnerable to Mother Nature’s elements.

Cleaning your gutters is one home maintenance task that we recommend a professional pressure washing company tackle for you as there are some safety concerns. Gutters are high off the ground and you’ll need the right equipment to reach the area (you don’t want to clean on an unsteady ladder). Additionally, gutters can easily be cut or dented if a pressure washer isn’t used properly.

At Renew Crew, our trained gutter cleaning and protecting technicians will make your gutters look great, and keep them looking that way! First we apply a deep penetrating cleaning foam to the entire gutter. We use environmentally friendly foam because it sticks to the surface longer than a liquid, allowing it to loosen dirt and stains.

After the foam does its job, we rinse it all away with a pressure washer. After this step, you’ll be able to notice the difference clean gutters can make!

Lastly, we apply a clear protectant to the gutters. The protectant will keep dirt and stains from setting into the surface again.

If you have questions regarding professional gutter cleaning, or any other outdoor surface, please call your local Renew Crew experts.

Tips to Cleaning Your Gutters

Temperatures are warming up which means homeowners are moving outdoors and working on the outside of their home. One of those chores is cleaning out your gutters. Even if you removed loose leaves and debris in the fall, you may want to consider taking another look as debris continues to fall and build up in the winter months.

Here are Renew Crew’s tips to cleaning your gutters:

1) Protect yourself. Before getting your ladder in place protect yourself with both gloves and glasses or goggles. Gutter debris can include animal droppings and rotting plant material. You’ll want to wear gloves to protect your skin from dirt and bacteria. Eyewear is important as loose particles will come out and could land in your eye as you are cleaning your gutters.

2) Wear rubber shoes. The debris in your gutters could be moist and may result in wet ladder rungs if not careful. Wear rubber soled shoes to minimize the possibility of you slipping.

3) Check your ladder. Ladder safety is important. At Renew Crew, we recommend a ladder that leans up against the home and not an A-frame. Before climbing all the way up, lightly bounce on the first rung to gauge its security.

4) Use a scoop. There are several reasons it makes sense to purchase a gutter scoop. First, you won’t have to stick your hands (even if they are gloved) in the dirty debris that may be in your gutter. Secondly, the scoop can hold more than your hand can and third, you can purchase an extender so you don’t have to move your ladder as much. We recommend a plastic scoop as metal can scratch or even cut your gutters if you aren’t careful.

5) Hose it out. Once you’ve removed all of the debris, use your regular garden hose to remove some of the caked on dirt and check your downspouts. A normal spray nozzle attachment should provide the pressure that you need. Be careful as you spray.

6) Don’t forget the outside. When we think cleaning gutters, we focus on cleaning out what is inside the gutter, but the outside may need some cleaning too. The gutter debris as well as roof tar can cause streaks on your gutters. At Renew Crew, we recommend hiring a pressure washing company to handle the outside of your gutters. Often the stains are pretty strong and a pressure washer is necessary. If you aren’t used to using one, you can easily cut a hole in your gutter. Our trained technicians use an environmentally friendly cleaner to cut through the grime, leaving your gutters looking great.

Happy Cleaning!

Cleaning Gutters for a better look

As leaves fall off the trees and onto yards and homes this time of year, it’s important to spend some time cleaning out the gutters around your roofline. When leaves and debris build up in gutters, rainwater can’t move properly away from your house and can penetrate under roof shingles. Additionally, when water sits in a gutter it becomes the perfect place for insects to breed and nest. Yuck!

At Renew Crew, we pressure wash gutters to improve their appearance and make them last longer. When gutters aren’t properly cleaned and maintained, a buildup can occur in the gutter, weighing them down and weakening the coating, decreasing their life. Dirty gutters can also result in water streaks down the front of the gutters and sometimes onto the house’s façade. Renew Crew’s trained technicians wash away that build-up and leave your gutters looking like new. Depending on the trees on your property and how often you clean out your gutters, pressuring washing gutters may be needed every year or two.

Here are tips on cleaning out your gutters effectively and safely:

*Team up. Make sure you have at least two people helping with the project. One to clean the gutters and one to hold and steady the ladder.

  • Wear the appropriate items. Shoes with rubber soles with some good traction are important. As the gutters are cleaned out, built up moisture will come out too. As the project continues, the ladder may become wet. Rubber soles will keep you from slipping. Debris in the gutters can be ridden with bacteria as insects, animal droppings and mold, so wear gloves to protect yourself. Lastly, eyewear is a must, especially as you use a hose. Debris, leaves, etc. may come lose as you clean and you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t go in your eye.
  • Secure a bag or bucket to your ladder. Holding a filling bag or bucket in one hand and using the other to clean your gutters leaves you without a hand to steady yourself. Secure the bucket or bag to the ladder so you have one hand free.
  • Don’t use metal scoops. Whatever you use to clean the debris out of your gutters, don’t use a metal object. The metal of the scoop can damage the metal of the gutter itself.
  • Hose it down. After you’ve cleaned the large debris from the gutters, rinse it down with your garden hose. While it won’t remove all of the built up grime, it will wash away the smaller debris and show you if missed any clogged portions of the gutter.

If you have questions regarding cleaning or pressure washing gutters, please contact your local Renew Crew office.