Cleaning Concrete Patios by Pressure Washing: Important Matters to Consider

Thanks to its durability and versatility, concrete has been the most popular building material in our modern world. It pervades everything around, from infrastructure to housing, from roads and bridges to the places where we live and work. Concrete patios are one of these places. Their resilience allows them to endure heavy foot traffic for extensive periods of time. However, if you want to extend the lifespan of your concrete floor, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Here are some efficient concrete cleaning tips that can be helpful prior to power washing. Assessing the Concrete First, inspect your concrete floor and identify any signs of chips and cracks. Once you find them, fill the holes with appropriate material. In case your floor is stained or covered by numerous dark blotches resulting from your grill, make sure you clear it up with an adequate water solution before having it pressure washed. Pre-Cleaning Next, find a cleaning detergent for outdoor use or add some drops of bleach in a bucket of water. Scrub the concrete floor with a floor brush, focusing on the areas with stains. Although this might not remove the stains entirely, the purpose of this operation is to reduce the dirt on the concrete floor, so that the pressure washer can be more effective. Clear Space Before actually pressure washing your patio, you need to clear the space. Take your grill, outdoor tables and chairs, and other fixtures that might get damaged by the machine out of the way and store them in a clean and dry place, like the garage for instance. This is because the jet of a pressure washer is so powerful that it can damage items and materials less resistant than the concrete itself. Pressure Washing

It is not advisable to deal with this task yourself. Hire experienced professionals that offer reliable pressure washing services to ensure the success and safety of the cleaning operation. The regular pressure washer that you can find in hardware or home improvement stores is not as efficient as those used by cleaning companies, such as Renew Crew. Moreover, besides better tools, professional cleaning crews have the know-how and extensive practice that allow them to make a better job. Professional cleaning of your concrete patio is recommended to achieve the best possible results. However, it is important to prevent the accumulation of difficult stains by immediate cleaning and fixing minor problems without delay. July 09, 2013 ยท