Cleaning Oil from Concrete – How do you do it? Last year my neighbor had his driveway redone with concrete pavers. It looked great when it was finished, perfectly clean. That is, until his son came home to visit. His son unfortunately didn’t realize that his car (that he parked on the brand new driveway) was leaking oil and left several noticeable stains on the concrete surface. Needless to say my neighbor wasn’t thrilled with what he saw. Whether it happens on an outdoor surface, article of clothing or a piece of furniture, we all know that messes and stains occur from time to time. And depending on how serious it is, they may or may not be removable. At Renew Crew, we generally clean most outdoor surfaces with an overall product, but when it comes to cleaning oil from concrete, it’s a whole other ballgame. Oil is a nasty product. It easily penetrates deep into porous exterior surfaces and is difficult to remove. When we come out to clean a concrete surface, our technicians pay particular attention to stains like oil to give them unique attention before cleaning the rest of the surface. Much like clothing stains, stains on concrete surfaces need to be “pre-treated.” There are specific exterior cleaners for different types of stains. At Renew Crew, we use an oil and grease remover on concrete. It is poured directly onto the stain where it loosens and encapsulates the oil and grease. It dries into a powder allowing us to remove it without any scrubbing or rinsing. After the stains are treated, we go on to clean the rest of the surface for a more even look (we don’t want one part of the space to look great and the rest dirty after cleaning oil from concrete). Our concrete cleaner digs deep into the surface loosening built up dirt and grime. A low power pressure wash then washes everything away and the final sealant step helps to protect the space from future dirt. It’s not always possible to remove every stain from an outdoor surface. Similar to clothing, some things you can’t get rid of, no matter how much you clean it. We try to tell to point out the areas of the space we aren’t sure we can clean entirely prior to the job being started so out client knows what to expect. If you have questions on how to clean stains from patios, driveways, decks, fences and more, please don’t hesitate to call your local Renew Crew office. March 08, 2013 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Concrete Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Renew Crew, and Renew Crew Clean