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Commercial properties undergo extensive daily wear and tear. Whether it’s a clubhouse, restaurant, veterinary clinic or other retail or office property, Renew Crew’s resurfacing services can revitalize your space and make it more appealing to customers, employees and property owners alike.


Concrete Floor Resurfacing

CrewCoat Offers Many Benefits

  • Professional Installation

    Grinding the surfaces ensures a superior bond that won’t crack or peal
  • Durable

    UV stable top coat is abrasion, stain and color fade resistance
  • Chemical Resistant

    Easy clean-up for gas and oil spills
  • Low VOC

    Virtually odor-free and safe for indoor application
  • Decorative

    Add visual appeal that helps hide dirt and debris
  • Crack & Spalling Repair

    Optional crack, spalling and control joint repair available

Enhance Your Walkways

Outdoor Concrete and Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Concrete and pavers are a popular choice for sidewalks, pathways, pool decks and other commercial structures. It’s durable and relatively low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it’s NO-maintenance. To keep your property looking great, periodic concrete cleaning and sealing is imperative.

Renew Crew’s cleaning and sealing process removes built-up dirt, grime, and stains by deep cleaning the surface. After the surface is clean and dry, we apply a sealing protectant that keeps stains at bay.

Renew Crew Clean

Wood Cleaning and Protecting

If your commercial property has a fence, pergola, deck, or other wooden structure, you know that the color fades over time and mold, mildew, and dirt can sit on the surface. Renew Crew’s proprietary 3-step cleaning and protecting process brings your structures back to life and protect it.

Renew Crew's 3-step process includes:

1. Clean

Renew Crew applies an environmentally-friendly foaming cleaner to the surface. The foam works its way into the wood’s pores, loosening dirt and softening grey wood fibers.

2. Rinse

After the foam has been given time to effectively work, we rinse the wood using a pressure-washer. Our technicians are trained to effectively remove the dirt without gouging the structure.

3. Seal

To protect your newly-cleaned wood surfaces, we stain and seal the wood to guard against future grime and mold build-up.

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