Concrete Sealing: Effectively Mend and Control Cracks in Concrete Concrete is one of the most preferred building materials that is not just strong, sturdy, and malleable but also has a very organic, stone-like look and feel to it. It can easily be molded into any desired shape and can be used to make a variety of structures. With all of those upsides, of course, come the downsides too. Over time, because of excessive foot traffic or vehicular traffic – or simply by the effect of time – concrete structures develop a number of cracks, fissures, and crevices. No matter how structurally sound when constructed, concrete, by its very nature, is highly prone to wear and tear. Everyday erosion and abrasion can turn the hardest structures into congregated rubble over the years. The only way to effectively avoid this is by regular concrete sealing. Concrete undergoes a steady cycle of expansion and contraction in the summers and winters, respectively. This constant shift causes the internal bonds to break, causing the concrete to crack and damage. The damage also happens as a result of two concrete slabs expanding against each other, applying pressure. Concrete sealing, or filling the gaps between concrete slabs using a special sealant, is the most effective way to prevent – or at the least, delay – the damage. The sealant, also known as expansion joint, is a specially fabricated material that acts as a buffer between two concrete slabs, keeping them from pushing against each other, thus causing subsequent damage. Building contractors usually use this sealant to prevent damage. However, over time, the sealant also can develop cracks in it. That is when immediate attention is required to curb the damage right there. The sealant lining must be replaced straightaway, or the cracks will expand into the concrete slabs and cause irreversible damage. It is best to have the best, industry-leading professionals such as the Renew Crew take care of the entire process for you to avoid any troubles in the future. They will leave strong and durable concrete work. Not just concrete slabs, these contractors can also use deck-sealing agents for wooden decks, which also undergo the expansion and contraction cycle. To sum it up, materials as hard as concrete can crumble under the forces of time if not taken care of appropriately. Make sure you keep an eye out for any kind of damage, inspect your concrete pavements regularly, and get in touch with expert professionals like Renew Crew as soon as you encounter a problem that needs repair. This way, you will be able to keep your concrete structures stronger and more durable. June 13, 2013 · Concrete Cleaning