De-Clutter Your Outdoor Living Space As much as I can, I try to keep my living spaces clutter-free (it’s easier said than done). I find that having pieces that are not only good looking but also functional is the best way to keep things organized without losing style. This theory works in the outdoor living space as well. As more and more homeowners look to spend additional time outdoors, there are more helpful tools to keeping things clean. Here are some great ideas and products that we’ve found to be great in the outdoor living space. Brick Clips. When looking at pictures of outdoor living spaces, I really like those that treat them like true living spaces. Whether it’s an outdoor sign or wreath, hanging something on the exterior of your home is a great way to dress up an outdoor area. These brick clips from Lee Valley Tools are really handy. They are sturdy enough to hold objects, but you don’t need to drill into the sides of your home and risk any damage. Garden for your space. Have you ever been on a deck or patio and felt like you are going to be attacked by all the plants on it? I have. It’s important to garden for the size of your space. Larger outdoor living areas can handle more plants and flowers than a smaller space. It is more difficult to garden when you have a small area, so here is a great guide from aHa Modern Living. Think multi-function. I’m a big fan of pieces that work for multiple purposes. For example, consider having a bench that also works as storage. You can place all your outdoor accessories in it when they aren’t being used to stop them from getting ruined by the elements. Ask yourself it fits before you buy. I have been a victim of this too many times. I’ll be in a store, see something I like and buy it without thinking about how it works for my environment. Once I get it home, I’ll try to make it work as best as I can, but it may add to the madness or just not fit. Envision your outdoor space and how you want it to look before you buy anything for it. So there you have it, a few tips on keeping your outdoor areas clean and tidy. Let us know if you have any questions! March 15, 2013 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces and outdoor maintenane