Deck Restoration with Deck Pressure Washing Services Washing your deck might sound like a needless task. After all, isn’t that what the rain is for? However, just like you clean the floor inside your home, outdoor decks needs to be cared for. Proper deck washing lengthens the lifespan of your deck and improves its appearance. Pressure washing isn’t as easy as it looks though. Done incorrectly, it will chew up decks, kill expensive plants, and damage home siding. Power washing a deck properly takes a skilled hand with the right cleansing agents. Have the Experts Do It With all the Do-It-Yourself projects outlined online for adventurous people, it’s easy to forget that some projects need to be done by certified, experienced specialists. **Deck pressure washing is definitely one of those projects. You’re welcome to diagnose your own illnesses too, but we’d recommend a doctor who has studied and done it before. Just the same, trust your deck cleaning to a company with a successful history in the business: ReNew Crew Clean. We’ve done it before, and we know how to do it right. How We do Deck Pressure Washing ReNew Crew Clean’s revolutionary 3-step process involves washing the deck surfaces with our proprietary cleansing solution that is designed to lift debris, dirt, and the dead grey wood from your deck. Next, we wash all that away with pressurized water: strong enough to remove the unwanted wood and dirt, but soft enough to leave the lower layers undamaged. Finally, we spray the whole deck again with a sealant to protect against future weathering effects and UV rays, ensuring your deck will last longer and look better. Happily Cleaned and After After power washing, you’ve got a beautifully restored deck that’s free and clear of dirt, debris, and dead wood. We’ve placed a protective seal over the good-looking, healthy wood that’s now the top layer of your deck. It will be more resilient to rain and snow and the fading effects of burning UV rays. That’s what we do at ReNew Crew. At the end of the day, we’re happy because we have another satisfied customer, and you’re happy because you’ve got a deck that looks like a million bucks, but for much less. Everybody wins, and that’s how we like it. If you’re interested in happiness, call ReNew Crew Clean today. January 11, 2013 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, Renew Crew, and Renew Crew Clean