As this summer draws to a close, take advantage of the final balmy nights by spending them outside. Transform your deck or patio into a backyard escape for the last few weeks of summer with our curated list of ways to decorate.

Let there be light

Hang string lights along your deck or patio to help add charm and ambience. Their soft, warm glow contributes a perfect amount of light for temperate, summer nights. Read more about how to find and install the perfect string lights for your deck or patio on our previous blog here.

Grow some green

Place plants around your deck or patio to help add in pops of vibrant color. Play around with different types of plants in a variety of pots to create an eclectic feel. Hang trailing plants from hooks or keep climbing plants in trellis boxes to make your space feel like a whimsical jungle. If you prefer a more modern look, palmy fronds in monochromatic pots can be very chic.

Add or update seating

Have plenty of seating options on your deck or patio to turn it into an outdoor living area. New cushions can instantly bring new life to well-used pieces of patio furniture and will make your seating area feel complete. Outdoor furniture always tends to suffer from lots of wear and tear. Remove years of use by having them pressure washed. Hire  the pros to ensure that the correct pressure and technique is used so that they don’t end up getting accidentally damaged. Use covers and store cushions indoors when outdoor furniture is not in use to help prolong their life-spans.

Invest in a speaker

Background music is a must for casual get-togethers. We suggest purchasing a quality, durable speaker. An outdoor speaker is perfect because you won’t need to worry about it getting damaged. Queue up your favorite playlist and set a chill vibe.

Pressure wash your deck or patio

Lush plants and good music can work wonders for an outdoor space, but they can’t hide a deck or patio that is covered in grime. Pressure wash these surfaces to remove dirt and mold. A clean outdoor living area is an inviting one. Take a look at how much of a difference Renew Crew’s power washing services made on this patio!

Anchor with an outdoor rug

An outdoor rug ties a space together. Lay an outdoor rug on your deck or patio to make the furniture layout feel more cohesive and to transform the space into an outdoor living area.  Outdoor rugs are durable and can last for multiple seasons, so choose one that you will love for years to come.

Before you start decorating your deck or patio, clean its surfaces with a deep power washing by Renew Crew. For a free estimate on a Renew Crew Satisfaction Guaranteed clean of your outdoor deck, contact us today!