Don’t Think you Need to Maintain your Brick Home? Think Again. At Renew Crew, we know the importance of regular maintenance on your outdoor living spaces. No material can sit outside for years without maintenance and look brand new. Last week, the Springfield News-Leader did a story on maintaining your brick home and why it’s important to clean and protect it. My husband and I have been living in our 1950s brick rancher for a few years. When it was being inspected, my husband asked about the cracks in some of the mortar. The home inspector told us that if the cracks are in the mortar, it’s due to the normal expansion and contraction of the home, which is completely normal. He did, however, tell us to make sure to clean and protect it against dirt, elements and vegetation that make settle in the cracks if left alone. Depending on the length a stain has been on your home, it may be impossible to remove entirely. Cleaning brick and concrete involves several steps: Before a brick or concrete cleaner is added to your home, walkways and driveways, an experienced outdoor surface cleaner will walk the space to see if there are any stains that need special attention. For example, driveways may get some rust or oil stains. Those stains need specific types of removers to loosen and remove the stain. After deeper stains have been handled, a general cleaner is used to clean the rest of the surface. The cleaners works down into the surface removing the dirt and grime that builds up over time. When talking to your outdoor cleaning company, make sure to ask them how the color of the material will be affected. While a strong cleaner is needed to remove the ground-in dirt, it shouldn’t discolor the brick or pavers. Cleaners open up the surface of outdoor materials, priming them for the final step, the protectant. Renew Crew’s water-based protectants are rolled on top of clean brick or pavers to lock out harsh natural elements. There are several finishes that our clients choose from, the natural look, color enhancing, wet (for a glossier finish) and tinted protectants for those that want a different color on their outdoor living spaces. A high-quality protectant will last a few years before needing to be reapplied. If you have questions regarding cleaning and protecting your decks, fences, patios, sidings or gutters, contact your local Renew Crew office. November 09, 2012 · Brick Cleaning, Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Paver Cleaning, Renew Crew, and Renew Crew Clean