Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions from Top Pressure Washing Companies Back in June, the Scientific American’s EarthTalk responded to a query from a reader named Betsy in regards to hazardous cleaning product alternatives. Betsy is a mother of young children and she expressed concern over the toxicity of commercial household cleaning supplies. EarthTalk then proceed to list the various chemicals homeowners should avoid. The article cites input from the Organic Consumers Association, which states that some soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, scourers, and specialty cleaners may pose certain health risks. Homeowners who go the extra mile to keep their home spic-and-span by carrying out DIY pressure washing on decks and patios may be actually exposing their families to toxic substances. That is why it may be beneficial to call on experienced and dependable pressure washing companies like Renew Crew, which uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The article also states that household cleaning products are responsible for 10% of toxic exposure cases in the United States. In addition, most of these cases involve kids under the age of six. This is something concerned mothers like Betsy will undoubtedly find alarming. Fortunately, you can count on a trustworthy pressure washing company to remove stubborn dirt and stains from your deck, patio, and siding while keeping your kids, pets, and plants safe from dangerous toxic exposure. Make sure to pick companies that use eco-friendly and chlorine-free products. Chlorine is one of the most common yet often overlooked toxic cleaning chemicals. It can cause poisoning when inhaled or ingested. Although chlorine effectively removes mold and mildew from any surface, you may not want to use chlorine-based products on a wooden deck since it can bleach your wood planks. EarthTalk also suggests keeping an eye out for scented cleaning products. Some fragrances merely mask toxins and could end up triggering respiratory irritation, headache, allergies, or asthma attacks. Reliable cleaning companies like Renew Crew place more emphasis on the actual cleaning power of their proprietary products. Their solvents dislodge stubborn dirt and mildew, while protecting surfaces from moisture, dirt buildup, and ultraviolet (UV) rays. A clean environment is a healthy environment. Unfortunately, some well-meaning homeowners who wish to keep their households spotless may in fact be compromising their family’s health. They don’t realize the dangers of using cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals, particularly when they are cleaning their home’s exterior surfaces. For your peace of mind and family’s health, it is advisable to hire established pressure washing firms that utilize environmentally sound cleaning products and practices. Visit my Google+ profile October 06, 2013 · Industry news