Frequently Asked Questions about Sealing Concrete Surfaces

Although your concrete surfaces may look perfectly smooth, it is important to keep in mind that concrete tends to mimic and adopt the natural layout of the ground it rests on. This uneven geometry may eventually cause cracks and splits through which vegetation often penetrates. To prevent this unpleasant effect, you can use professional power washing services that also offer concrete sealing services way you will restore the neat appearance of your concrete and protect it from the elements that might seep through the crevices. Why is sealing important? Over time, the appearance of your concrete can deteriorate as oil may seep through the cracks or dirt may become embedded in its texture. This is very common with concrete garage floors or barbecue patios. Homeowners should know that sealing concrete as a preventive measure minimizes the maintenance cost and need for repair on a longer term. What sealers are available? There are multiple options when it comes to concrete sealers. The choice depends on the specific purpose of the sealing job. For instance, penetrating sealers are highly recommended because they can permeate into the concrete and protect it from the inside. Moreover, they can block moisture and icing, preventing their damaging effects on exterior surfaces. Film-forming sealers, on the other hand, create an effective protective barrier on the surface itself. Besides that, they add a nice glossy finish. How can you tell if concrete has been previously sealed? To expose all sealing, sprinkle some water on the surface. If the water does not soak into the concrete, but instead it beads, it’s a sign that sealing has been applied. In case the cement surface is covered by small capillaries, this suggests that there is no sealant or that the old adhesive is no longer effective.

Can you hire sealing services? To restore the qualities of your concrete, it’s best to contact concrete and deck sealing professionals to do the job for you. Professional companies, such as Renew Crew, have the means to bring back the integrity and longevity of your concrete. They have the right tools, materials and experience that can best serve your sealing needs. Don’t let your concrete deteriorate. Have it sealed as soon as possible. Sealing can go a long way in protecting it from the weather and other damaging factors. Last but not least, clean it regularly to maintain its durability. July 09, 2013 · Deck Sealing