Get Rid of the Nasty Stains and Keep the Driveway Looking Great Concrete is the most preferred material for driveways owing to its strength and hardness. However, it also has a high absorption quotient that makes it a cleaner’s nightmare. Unsightly oil stains on the driveway are a huge menace, are impossible to clean, and look hideous on the driveway. No matter how hard and long you scrub or hose them, they simply refuse to give in. Various folks have some really creative but vague remedies for removing such stains from concrete. One of the most remarkable of these is kitty litter. Just put some kitty litter over the stain and leave it there for a few days before you sweep it off. That could take a good part of the stain away. However, even that wouldn’t take away all of it – and even if it did, it would probably be a fairly messy task obtaining adequate kitty litter for all of the stains. That is why you have to rely on the experts. Some jobs simply need a professional approach. The ideal way to clean obstinate stains from concrete surfaces is to use a pressure-washing apparatus. What this equipment does is, it releases jets of water with extreme pressure, directed at the stain. The sheer force of the jets pushes the dirt away from the pores of the concrete. This achieves maximum cleaning, leaving your driveway as good as new. Do remember, however, that anything with the words “High Pressure” attached to it needs professional handling. It may not be a good “Do It Yourself” idea. You can get pressure washers for hire at stores. However, unless you possess adequate training in handling pressure washers, you are strongly advised against doing so. If not handled properly, the pressure in these washers can rise up to 50 times more than the average garden hose. Such pressure can easily crack or chip the surface, making things even uglier than the stain. So stay safe, use your cautionary instincts, and call your trusted pressure washing service providers such as Renew Crew. Not only do the professionals know how to operate the pressure washer skillfully, but they also use just the perfect amount of a cleaning solvent that loosens the stain particles and aids the process. After the cleaning is done, they apply a sealant over the treated area to prevent further staining or damage and give the entire area a refurbished, “good as new” look, Stains aren’t a good thing anywhere. They look ugly and lower your property’s aesthetic appeal. Get rid of them effectively and keep your driveway and other surfaces clean with expert pressure cleaning services such as Renew Crew. June 13, 2013 · Uncategorized