Hold Your Hoses: Steps to Take before You Do Deck Cleaning Many homeowners assume that pressure washing is a do-it-yourself job. While a few cases can be, there are definitely times when hiring a professional is the best option. These can include the cleaning of the exterior sidings, and even the concrete driveway. Whether by a professional, or yourself, proper deck cleaning methods should be taken, and there are a few ways the area should be correctly prepped. Inspect the deck. Cleaners such as Renew Crew should have one primary concern: to ensure the object being cleaned is safe. Inspection of the deck is a very important first step, especially if the deck is 20+ years old or elevated. In case of an elevated deck, the foundations need to also be inspected by knowledgeable authorities. In conjunction with this step, an expert will have to determine the type of material the deck was made of. This is important information because it will help choosing the right cleaning method. For instance, using pressure washers on unvarnished wood can be a mistake as this can cause splinters to fly, injuring anyone nearby. In general, this material is tough to work with, and should be treated with care. Using incorrect water pressure can cause damage that will be irreparable. Clear the deck. Loose objects such as chairs and tables should be cleared from the deck when cleaning commences. Anything that could move or fall over during the cleaning process should be relocated to a safer space. Your thorough power washing can only occur when obstacles are removed, and the deck is free of interruptions to the process. Clean the deck. Now that everything has been removed from the deck, pre-cleaning can start. This involves sweeping off dust and dirt and removal of branches, leaves or rocks. Anything that could come in between the deck and the pressure washer should be taken care of. Using water to accomplish this may hinder the process of professional pressure washer cleaning, so stick to the broom for this step. Though professional cleaners can easily complete this step, homeowners who take that first step give the impression that responsibility is something you value. Additionally, completing this step ahead of time clears the way for professional cleaners to get right to work, if you are choosing a company like Renew Crew for your needs. By prepping the deck for cleaning, the task can be completed more quickly and certainly more thoroughly than you planned in the beginning. August 07, 2013 ยท Deck Cleaning and Power Cleaning