Homeowner Need to Know: Pressure Washing Siding
Vinyl siding is popular because of its durability, flexibility, and high level of performance. It is a popular alternative to wood, aluminum, and fiberglass siding. It tends to require less maintenance, but careful and strategic cleaning should be executed regularly to prevent damage or loss of beauty. One of the most popular preventative maintenance measures is pressure washing vinyl siding, but it is best left in the hands of a trained professional.

There are many reasons why a homeowner should hire professional cleaners such as Renew Crew. One of the most powerful arguments in favor of hiring professionals is they know exactly what equipment and cleaning agents to use to do the job right. Their fees are well worth it. In addition, there are certain steps that should be taken before cleaning to prevent damage when pressure washing siding. Most homeowners are unaware of the preventative measures that should be taken when cleaning.

All Vinyl Siding Products are Not Created Equal

Vinyl siding comes in varying levels of quality and durability. Some siding is durable enough to stand up to power washing, and some will sustain damage from pressure washing. Since most vinyl siding is installed under warranty, it is good idea to double check to see if certain cleaning agents or techniques would void the warranty. Be sure to share your warranty with the cleaners so they know how to proceed.

Removing Ugly Mildew

Vinyl siding can be a prime environment for mold and mildew which is most often seen in areas that are frequently exposed to moisture – such as those that get hit with spray from sprinklers or runoff from gutters. A lot of homeowners assume bleaching will remove the stains, but forget the harsh chemical may damage the siding. Companies that specialize in pressure washing vinyl siding use professional strength (and non-toxic) chemicals with fungicides to gently remove mildew.

Preventing Color Loss

Pressure Washing SidingMost vinyl siding looks beautiful for about 15 years if properly maintained. Homeowners damage their investment and decrease their home’s curb appeal by carelessly using bleach or other chemicals, or excessive pressure and scrubbing. Professionals, such as those from Renew Crew, know exactly how much pressure and which chemicals to use to provide effective, safe, and non-damaging cleaning when pressure washing siding.

It is easy to damage your vinyl siding with a well-intentioned but poorly executed cleaning! If your siding is dingy and dirty, it is probably best to leave the task to professionals.

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