How Pressure Washing Concrete Surroundings Increases the Value of Your Property Just like washing a car before selling it, cleaning your home’s concrete surroundings can pay off in big ways. Sure, you can say “All it needs is a good wash,” or you can showcase a looks-like-new driveway or patio, free of ugly stains or bothersome plant growth. Cleaning up the patio, driveway, or other concrete areas around your home can send the message that you take great care of your property. There’s a fine line between pressure washing concrete and permanently staining or damaging it and surrounding areas. If you think stains can affect home value, imagine what chipped concrete does. It’s Just Like Having Your Teeth Cleaned You wouldn’t clean your teeth just once a lifetime, and your concrete shouldn’t be much different. Just as plaque can build up and damage your teeth, unattended stains, growth, and damage can wreak havoc on your patio or driveway. Don’t worry—we’re not suggesting you pressure wash your concrete twice a day. However, having these surfaces pressure washed regularly has many benefits, including: The structural integrity of your concrete isn’t put at risk It decreases the likelihood of serious problems that are easier to prevent than repair Your home and surrounding areas stay clean and attractive year-round, instead of suddenly becoming beautiful overnight While brushing your teeth every night helps, you also have a dentist work on your teeth. Consider us the dentists on concrete—we know how to really get it clean and ensure it stays that way. Pressure Washing Concrete: A Small Investment that Pays Big Dividends When potential buyers look at a home, they are looking things as they are at the moment. A driveway covered in oil stains or a patio that’s full of cracks can take big bucks off the selling price. However, a few dollars spent now could bring in extra cash later. If you’re looking to sell your home or just want to spruce it up a bit, a Renew Crew Clean is the way to go. Our specialists will get right to work cleaning concrete around your home to erase years of wear and tear. Our approach is to use cleansing agents and water pressure that cleans concrete but doesn’t damage it. To maximize the value of your property, call ReNew Crew today. February 08, 2013 · Uncategorized