How Snow Affects Your Deck

Winter weather can be breathtakingly beautiful, with the still white landscapes and slowly falling flakes. Of course, it can also be a heavy burden for homeowners, accumulating quickly on driveways and decks. So, how does snow impact your decks and surfaces?

A well-built deck is required to withstand a heavy load. According to the International Residential Code, all decks must be able to support a dead load (the weight of the deck structure plus any permanently attached elements) of 15 pounds per square foot. For states that do not receive massive accumulation of snow, an up-to-code deck is designed to handle the weight of the snow.

If the snow accumulation grows to be excessive (approximately 3 feet or more) or you suspect your deck may not be structurally sound, it’s always better to be safe and shovel your deck. For safety reasons, if the snow accumulation prevents a path from exiting your home, you must clear an exit path through the snow, especially if the main entrance to your home is through a small porch. Remember that an icy pathway leading to your door could be hazardous not just to you but to mailmen, delivery people, or anyone else who needs access to your door. It is strongly recommended that you have at least two accessible exits from your home.

Snow itself should not damage the surface of your deck too severely. As long as your deck is made from a waterproof material or has been waterproofed, the melting snow should not pose a threat to your deck’s integrity. For wooden decks, the Renew Crew three-step process cleans, seals, and protects the deck to prepare for winter.

And when the snow finally melts, give Renew Crew a call to revitalize the deck for the spring. The snow will leave behind mud and dirt, and our pressure washing services will clean away dirt without damaging the structure. Our protective sealant will protect your deck from the elements – and protect your deck before the next snowfall.

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December 17, 2020 ·