How to Keep Concrete Floors Looking New with Concrete Cleaning Services Homeowners often take great pride in keeping their home’s floors clean and sparkling. They use mops, brooms, deck brushes, and various other tools to keep the inside of the home clean. Unfortunately, many overlook exterior surfaces until it is too late. A similar situation is often seen outside the home, where beautifully manicured gardens outline deprecated concrete surfaces like patios, driveways, walkways. It is easy to forget about these surfaces we walk on every day – that is until it becomes a problem or an eyesore. Unfortunately, at this point cleaning and maintaining becomes a major task. It is a good thing that homeowners have the option of hiring professional concrete cleaning specialists to restore and beautify their exterior concrete surfaces. While it can be tempting for homeowners to try to do it themselves, the results are typically lacking. While basic washing will remove built-up dirt, fungus, and mold, washing will do little to remove the grime that has worked itself into the concrete. In most instances, DIY cleaning is best reserved for maintenance, not restoration. Concrete is porous so over time grime, dirt, and other contaminants work themselves deep into concrete. Surface washing will simply not do. In fact, even after a day of intense scrubbing it may look just as dirty as it did before! The only way to get satisfying results and restored concrete surfaces is to call professionals who specialize in pressure washing. Most professionals follow a three-step process to restore and clean ugly concrete surfaces. These pressure cleaning specialists will begin by applying a special, non-toxic solution that helps isolate these deeply embedded impurities. Then they use water pressure to blast the dirt away and remove impurities from within the concrete. Once it has fully dried, they will apply eco-friendly sealants to help protect and preserve the concrete. The special concrete sealing process is what maintains the surface into the future. Companies such as Renew Crew specialize in using pressure washing techniques and eco-friendly chemicals to restore your concrete to like new condition. Regular pressure washing and occasional spot cleaning will go a long ways towards maintaining your concrete surfaces’ luster and beauty. April 25, 2013 · Uncategorized