How to Protect Concrete from the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Concrete is sturdy, but it is porous. As a result, concrete is vulnerable to damage from water entering its cracks. In moderate climates like North America, the freeze-thaw cycle can cause cracking in your concrete surfaces.

What is the freeze-thaw cycle?
The freeze-thaw cycle is a type of erosion caused by the freezing and expansion of water. When water freezes, it can expand by up to nine percent. The cycle is most extreme in locations where the temperatures are above freezing during the day but below freezing overnight. When liquid water permeates the concrete surfaces during the day and freezes overnight, it creates growing cracks in porous surfaces.

What does this mean for concrete?
When water seeps into your concrete and then freezes, it creates larger cracks within the concrete that cause fracturing.

How can Renew Crew help?
Pressure washing cleans your outdoor hardscapes, but Renew Crew’s 3-step process adds another layer of protection. Regular pressure washing can be harsh and gouge your surfaces, so we begin with a gentle and eco-friendly presoak to loosen dirt before pressure washing. After pressure restores and cleans your surfaces, Renew Crew finishes with a protective finish that seals your surfaces to prevent future damages.

Sealed concrete surfaces are better protected against the freeze-thaw cycle, which can save you costly repairs in the future. For a free estimate to pressure wash your outdoor hardscapes, give us a call at 877-683-8000.

January 28, 2021 ·