It’s More than Clean, It’s Renew Crew Clean Welcome to the Renew Crew blog. Renew Crew is America’s most trusted Outdoor Surface Cleaner. We’re much more than a pressure washing company, we clean and protect your outdoor surfaces so they look better longer. We clean wood decks and fences, concrete paver patios, walkways and driveways, siding and gutters. The idea behind Renew Crew started over 20 years ago with our founder, Stan Krempges. He was looking for a product that would effectively clean his outdoor surfaces. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to create it. Thus, Renew Crew was born. Our proprietary three step process is unlike most pressure washing companies. Most companies use bleach based cleaners that can damage the surrounding vegetation and their high-power washers can gouge surfaces. Renew Crew’s Pre-Soak foam is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It clings to the wood, loosening dirt and killing mold and mildew. The bleach-free foam won’t hurt any bushes, trees or grass that may surround your outdoor living spaces. The second step in our process is the Renew Crew Power Clean. Non-damaging pressure is used to rinse the space and release any dirt and grime. It will make your spaces look like new without any scratching of surfaces which is common amongst power washing. Lastly, we have our protective finish. Most pressure-washing companies don’t provide any service that protects your outdoor living spaces after they clean it. We do. Our seals repel against natural elements and cover any pores that dirt likes to settle in. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Take a look at our three step process here: If you have any questions regarding Renew Crew, please contact your local office. October 22, 2012 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Power Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Renew Crew, and Renew Crew Clean