Keep Concrete Surfaces Clean and Beautiful with Professional Pressure Washing Service To some, concrete is simply what the patio, driveway, or deck is made out of. However, concrete isn’t just some element mined in a faraway land. Concrete is a carefully combined mixture of: *crushed rock or limestone aggregate sand cement water Combined, these elements form concrete, a sturdy surface that can handle being stepped on, driven over, and beat on by the weather for several years. However, concrete doesn’t last forever; eventually, it wears out and starts to crack, unless you take proper care of it. Take it from us, it’s easier to prevent damage than replace concrete, and much less expensive, too. That’s why investing in a good” pressure washing service”: is such a great idea—the return is worth it! The Necessity of Pressure Washing Concrete Left on its own and ignored, concrete can soon become discolored from unaddressed stains like motor oil or other chemicals. As houses and concrete settle, cracks can develop from normal straining. Vegetation can begin growing through those cracks, widening them and making them worse. This is where hiring a quality pressure washing service comes into play: timely and proper concrete cleaning can save yours from destruction. The Ups and Downs of Aggregate Concrete that uses aggregate is rough and hardy, and provides great traction so you don’t have to worry about slips and falls. However, its bumpy, rocky surface can be hard to clean. Renew Crew’s proprietary cleansing works around this problem by seeping into normally hard-to-reach spots in the concrete and lifting dirt and debris out. Pressure washing concrete is safe—both for the environment and your concrete—and extends the lifetime integrity of your surfaces. Likewise, homeowners often want unintended stains removed but want the original staining on concrete walkways or patios to remain unchanged. As a pressure washing service that’s devoted to customer satisfaction, we achieve this balance by rinsing away our eco-friendly cleaner with water pressure that is high enough to remove the dirt, but low enough that it doesn’t score the concrete or fade inherent staining. Clean Concrete is Happy Concrete If stains and damage aren’t taken care of, they will get worse. A timely visit from our pressure washing service can save you thousands of dollars and restore your concrete’s original shine and vigor. If you want to lengthen your concrete’s lifespan and make it look great at the same time, call ReNew Crew today. February 08, 2013 · Uncategorized