Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Looking Cleaner Longer At Renew Crew, we’re happy to help homeowners clean and rejuvenate their outdoor living spaces with our environmentally friendly cleaning process, but we do get questions from clients who wonder how they can keep that space looking cleaner longer. Routine maintenance or cleaning is key. If you want your space to look nice, here are some simple things to keep in mind. Clean off debris. Leaves, branches and other natural debris are common, especially in the fall and winter months. If you don’t remove them, especially piles of leaves, dirt and water can sit right there on your outdoor spaces, penetrating deeper into your patio, deck, walkway and more. Have you ever picked up a leaf and noticed the clear mark it leaves on a space? That stain becomes more apparent the longer it sits. Clean up as messes happen. When I spill something on my living room rug (I’m clumsy), I clean it up right away. I don’t want anything noticeable on my carpet. I admittedly am not as good when it comes to spills outside. I guess there is a part of me that thinks the rain will wash it away, and judging from a lot of outdoor living spaces I’ve seen, I’m not the only one with that mindset. Cleaning up messes as they happen however, will keep your outdoor living spaces looking nicer. Now, I don’t mean doing a deep deck cleaning every time you spill a little coffee, but I do mean wiping it up. Rinse off your spaces periodically. Mother Nature’s grime will get on your exterior surfaces. Take a hose to your deck, porches, patios, siding, walkways, etc. from time to time and wash away what you can. While, it may not be perfectly clean, it will wash away any loose dirt. Every year or two, depending on how clean a space is kept most homeowners will need professional exterior cleaning. If you have questions regarding the best way to clean your outdoor surfaces, contact your local Renew Crew office. November 16, 2012 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Deck Cleaning, Paver Cleaning, Renew Crew, and Renew Crew Clean