Keep Your Wood Deck Beautiful with Professional Deck Pressure Washing Services Icy winters and hot, humid summers take their toll on decks — leaving formerly smooth, wooden beauties rough, grimey and populated with mold and mildew colonies that may lead to rot. Even the toughest of hardware store sealant can only defend your deck from this kind of beating for a short while before requiring reapplication. The Benefits of a Professional Deck Pressure Washing You certainly can rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store, but these often well-used machines can damage your deck or cause injury to the user if they are not carefully set; many deck pressure washing chemicals available to the homeowner contain chlorine or other harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to your children, pets and plants. Professional deck pressure washing takes the guesswork and anxiety out of deck cleaning, especially if your deck is made from softer woods, like cedar or pine, that dent and damage easily. Companies like Renew Crew use trained technicians with well-calibrated equipment to ensure that your deck looks like new after each cleaning. While the pros are hard at work, you can use the time to play with your kids in the yard or take your dog for a walk. Before you know it, your deck with be sparkling and you will avoid wasting a weekend fighting with a borrowed machine or hurting yourself or your property. Our Coatings Bring Out Your Deck’s Natural Beauty After a thorough cleaning with landscape-friendly chemicals, your deck pressure washing professionals at Renew Crew will apply a hard polymer deck coating designed to protect the wooden surfaces from rain, ice, sun and traffic. These coatings often last much longer than those you can purchase at the hardware store, which may be little more than oil-based water repellents or stains, because they penetrate deeply into the wood. A longer lasting coating means fewer washes and less sealant, saving you money over the life of your deck and freeing up more time for family barbecues. You will be proud to host summer parties on your new deck, if only to show off its smooth, restored finish. Once thoroughly cleaned and properly sealed, simple maintenance like sweeping away leaves and cleaning up spills is all that your deck will require between occasional resealing. Professional deck pressure washing can be a surprising value. Contact Renew Crew for a free estimate and let us show you how clean your deck can be!

February 08, 2013 · Professional Deck Pressure Washing