Leave Not a Stain behind with Professional Concrete Cleaning Concrete happens to be one of the most preferred construction materials owing to its strength and sturdiness. Because it combines the hardness of stone with the malleability of clay, it is the ideal building material for a wide range of purposes. However, one of the biggest difficulties associated with concrete is that it is painfully hard to clean. Concrete is very porous and hence, has a high absorption index, which makes it susceptible to all kinds of stains. Stains resulting from spilled engine oils and other fluids can be almost impossible to get rid of, no matter how much scrubbing, hosing, and rinsing you do. You may resort to using very harsh chemicals or even try scraping away a layer of it. Because the fluid has been absorbed several layers deep, these methods also may be rendered in vain. Power washing takes this pain out and makes your concrete cleaning tasks much easier. This unique process removes stains and absorbed fluids effectively while causing no scraping or chipping of the concrete itself. Specially prepared, powerful, and eco-friendly detergents are applied to the stains and allowed to soak for a while. After that is done, a pressure washer takes over the task of releasing high-pressure, concentrated jets of water on the stained but detergent-dislodged spot, pushing the fluid remnants out. Once all of the undesired contents are out and the concrete is clean and dry, a specially prepared sealant is applied to the treated area to prevent any further damage. The efficiency and power of pressure washers is beyond doubt. However, with great power come greater precautions. If handled by untrained hands, the pressure of the jets from a pressure washer can cause more damage than good. They can chip away or erode the concrete or wood, causing damage. That is why unless you have been specially trained to handle these powerful equipments, please leave it to the professionals to do this. Stains from oil, tires, rust, and several other agents can be unsightly and nearly impossible to remove. If you have any such stains on your floor and wish to get rid of them but are apprehensive about being able to use a pressure washer, leave it to the experts. Pressure cleaning professionals can do an excellent job of getting the stains out safely and effectively, without damaging anything. Cleaning professionals such as Renew Crew can get all of this done in no time and all you are left with is clean, protected concrete. Pressure washers are excellent for cleaning decks, driveways, and cladding. It is, however, imperative that you let the professionals handle the heavy and powerful equipment and avoid taking a go at it yourself. Professionals like Renew Crew make concrete cleaning easier, safer, and much more effective for you. June 13, 2013 · Concrete Cleaning