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Your home’s exterior surfaces are regularly exposed to harsh outdoor elements. Over time, your gutters, siding, patio, and deck can get covered in dirt and grime, making them look old and worn down. Pressure washing is the perfect solution to cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces that will lift the stubborn dirt, grime, grease, debris, and mold embedded into them. We provide Pressure Washing and Power Washing services in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Hudson, and surrounding areas.

Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin is a professional pressure washing company that can help restore the appearance of your outdoor surfaces and have them looking brand new in no time. While we are best known for our deck cleaning and staining, we also clean and seal concrete, pressure wash homes, and freshen up gutters. No job is too small and we’re ready to help make you’re home shine!

Our Exclusive Three-Step Cleaning Process

Pre-Soak Foam
Power Clean
Protective Finish

Your First Choice for Pressure Washing Services in Northwest Wisconsin

When it comes to pressure washing, Renew Crew Clean is Northwest Wisconsin’s leading choice. We’ve developed a proprietary cleaning solution that soaks deep into your outdoor surfaces and clears away dirt, grime and mildew while being eco-friendly and pet safe.

Some of our cleaning, protecting, and renewing services include:

Wood cleaning & protecting
Concrete cleaning & protecting
Gutter cleaning & protecting
Pavers & hardscape cleaning & protecting
Siding cleaning & protecting
Vinyl Fences & Decks cleaning

Expert Service

Pressure washing is a great way to get out tough stains out and remove surface dirt for a long-lasting clean on your outdoor surfaces. However, when done incorrectly, power washing can strip or gauge your surfaces, damaging them. At Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin, we use a meticulous 3-step process that’s guaranteed to clean your outdoor surfaces effectively without damaging them. The cleaners and pre-soak foam that we use are eco friendly and will not harm your surfaces or your family.

Our expert pressure washing services can deep clean any of your outdoor surfaces — from patios, decks, and fences to driveways and pathways. We are proud of our complete cleaning and protection services that leave our clients completely satisfied with their like-new surfaces. If you’re looking for high-quality pressure washing services in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Hudson, and surrounding areas, contact us for a free estimate.

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