The experts in outdoor surface cleaning in Northwest Wisconsin

Our unique cleaning process and our exclusive, eco-friendly products avoid damaging high-pressure washing while delivering a superior clean and a protective finish.

We know how to give your home a thorough, lasting clean that lasts. Know that your property is in good hands with our trained professional staff.

Brighten Your Northwest Wisconsin Home

Restore the beauty of your home’s outdoor spaces with the experts at Renew Crew. Dirt, bacteria, and debris easily build up over time on your outdoor surfaces. From weather to pollen and other plant life, we the exterior of your home can take on a muddy, a brown, or simply a dull looking appearance that may not be noticeable from one day to the next.

Rely on the professionals that offer the best pressure cleaning in Northwest Wisconsin with a laser focus on customer satisfaction. We are not happy until you are completely satisfied.


All of our products are environmentally safe so that you don’t have to compromise between protecting the environment and cleaning your outdoor hardscapes. They are pet and child friendly too so all your outdoor spaces can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Wood Surfaces

Dirty decks, patios and fences are no match for experts at Renew Crew! For any outdoor wood surface cleaning needs, we’ve got you covered. Our signature cleaning foam penetrates deep within porous wooden surfaces to remove all built-up dirt, moss, and grime!

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Siding Cleaning

Make the right first impression by keeping your home’s exterior looking clean and beautiful. Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin’s best vinyl siding cleaning service can easily rid your home’s exterior of mildew, dirt, mold, and grime buildup.

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Maintain the Beauty and Quality of Your Pavers & Hardscapes

Pavers and hardscapes may be increasingly popular for outdoor living spaces, but they still require cleaning and occasional maintenance after exposure to the great outdoors. Keep your beautiful, durable hardscape looking clean with help from Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin.

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Gutter Cleaning

Don’t put up with dirty black striping on your gutters when you’ve got Renew Crew on your side! Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin can clear your gutters in no time for a cleaner, safer home!

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Deck, Patio & Fence Cleaning

With the help of Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin’s miracle three-step cleaning process, we can leave your deck, patio, or wood fence looking like new again. Don’t replace when you can renew! We’ll get the mold and mildew out safely and efficiently.

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Driveway Cleaning

Call the professionals for unbeatable concrete pressure washing services. Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin’s master technicians are proud to be Hayward’s best cleaning crew. Our proprietary three-step cleaning solution cleans and seals concrete to extend the life of your driveway.

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Your First Choice for Pressure Washing Services in

When it comes to pressure washing, Renew Crew has been America’s leading choice for decades. We’ve developed a proprietary cleaning solution that washes away dirt and mildew, unlike any other company. Plus, each one of our solutions and solvents is eco-friendly and pet safe. Get started with the country’s leading pressure washing team. We promise you won’t regret it.