Prolong the Life of Your Investment
with Everclean™!

Renew Crew’s Everclean service ensures that your outdoor living areas remain clean and protected from the elements. By providing regular maintenance, you need total reseals less frequently and your outdoor hard surfaces look great for longer.

At each Everclean visit, our Renew Crew technicians will evaluate your surface to ensure that the protective coating is intact and guarding your investment. We also provide minor and routine cleanings to ensure that your outdoor hard surfaces look great all year long.

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Northwest Wisconsin Deck, Driveway, and Patio Maintenance

Having your outdoor surfaces professionally cleaned is an investment in your home’s future. Protect that investment and extend the life of your outdoor surfaces with Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin’s sealing and maintenance services. Our experts will help you keep your surfaces looking sparkling clean for longer.

Saving You Money Long Term

Our maintenance service is designed to save you money. We’ll clean up and inspect your outdoor surfaces regularly. Our team checks that the sealant is still intact and protecting your wooden deck, cement sidewalk, poolside pavers or any other outdoor hard surface. The regular check-ins mean that things remain in good condition for longer, and, once the sealant starts wearing, off we’ll catch it early before any damage occurs. Plus, buying an Everclean maintenance package gives you access to discounted prices for our other, specialized services.

Maintaining the Great
Condition of Your Space

We can clean and maintain just about any outdoor surface you’ve got! Whether you need assistance with your asphalt driveway or wooden deck, the team at your local Renew Crew has your back. Renew Crew of Northwest Wisconsin is proud to provide the best outdoor surface maintenance services in Eau Claire, Altoona, River Falls, and the surrounding areas.

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How To Schedule Our Maintenance Services

Free Estimate

Our friendly team from your local Renew Crew Office will be able to assist you with any queries. We’ll give you a free quote, answer all your questions, and book your maintenance service.

The Appointment

One of our technicians will come out to you on the arranged day. They’ll start by cleaning the outdoor space. Then they’ll thoroughly inspect it. Our technician will check that the space is in good condition and that the sealant is intact.

Follow Up

We’ll schedule a follow-up maintenance appointment right away so that you don’t have to worry about it. We will let you know immediately if it is time for a deep/pressure clean and resealing.