Keep your home clean During all seasons

Renew Crew’s annual and bi-annual maintenance service ensures that your outdoor living areas remain clean and protected from the elements. By providing regular upkeep, you need total reseals less frequently and your outdoor hard surfaces look great for longer.

10% off services
*Clean within 13 months of your last clean.

15% off services
*Clean within 7 months of your last clean.

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Keeping All Your Outdoor Surfaces Maintained Year Round

You already invested money into a professional window cleaner or a driveway power washing service. Don’t throw it away by neglecting your outdoor spaces! Professionally cleaned and sealed surfaces will last longer if they’re maintained regularly, saving you money in the long run.

Our professional and friendly team at Renew Crew of Polk County will inspect and maintain your outdoor spaces throughout the seasons. Keep your home in pristine condition no matter the weather.

Maintaining Polk County’s
Outdoor Spaces

We are here for you all year long. Be it you need asphalt, concrete or paver maintenance, our Polk County team is here for you. We are the experts in cleaning and maintaining a variety of outdoor surfaces all year round, including driveways, windows, vinyl fencing and more!

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How To Schedule Our Maintenance Services

Free Estimate

Our friendly team from your local Renew Crew Office will be able to assist you with any queries. We’ll give you a free quote, answer all your questions, and book your maintenance service.

The Appointment

One of our technicians will come out to you on the arranged day. They’ll start by cleaning the outdoor space. Then they’ll thoroughly inspect it. Our technician will check that the space is in good condition and that the sealant is intact.

Follow Up

We’ll schedule a follow-up maintenance appointment right away so that you don’t have to worry about it. We will let you know immediately if it is time for a deep/pressure clean and resealing.