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We apply our protective sealants according to all product standards and recommendations and with the utmost care but there is no standard answer to that question. Anyone who gives you one is just guessing. The longevity of a sealant depends upon the unique factors at your home: sunlight and weather exposure, air flow, vegetation, etc. Often a sealant on one side of your home will last longer than the same sealant on the same surface on the opposite side.

What we can assure you is that our special polymers provide a seal that no other product can beat. They penetrate permeable surfaces for a deep seal. They block UV rays. And they resist water like nobody’s business.

Clear sealants don’t provide the UV protection necessary for lasting protection. Solid stains hide the beauty of your wood and tend to quickly show wear to a much greater extent. Our semi transparent polymers penetrate the wood for a deep seal, block damaging UV rays, yet still showing off the beauty of your wood.

No. We only use environmentally friendly products. Our cleaning foam is our proprietary product formulated especially for Renew Crew and specifically designed to be gentle to everything but dirt.

There is no chlorine in our products. Chlorine bleaches wood, permanently marring its beauty. Our gentler, non-chlorine cleaning agents kill mold and mildew just as effectively – without harming your wood or your plants.

Maybe. It depends on the condition of your paint job. You can always call us at to discuss your specific needs. Rest assured that we won’t make promises we don’t think we can keep.

The best time is almost always “now.” The sooner you protect your surfaces, the less damage they sustain from the elements. In areas subject to freezing temperatures, you’ll especially want to protect wood surfaces before winter. The freezing and thawing cycles of winter can be more damaging to wood than any other season.

Of course, weather plays a role in when you can have your surfaces cleaned and protected. Rain and freezing temperatures don’t mix with cleaning or protecting any surface. Otherwise, any warm, dry day is usually acceptable. Contact Renew Crew today to schedule a free estimate.