After a long winter, give the outside of your home a fresh start! Refresh surfaces dulled by dirt and grime. Before planting your spring garden, create the perfect canvas for spring flowers by pressure washing your outdoor hardscapes. By cleaning your deck, your concrete sidewalks, and your house, you can make the colors of spring really pop against surfaces refurbished to their original glow. Here are some ideas from Renew Crew to help you renew and refresh your outdoor space in time for spring.

Pressure Washing

Whether you have vinyl siding or brick patios, you can have your outdoor surfaces pressure washed while also protecting the hardscapes. Starting with your wooden surfaces and then moving on to your metal, brick, or masonry siding, you can enjoy a sparkling clean home. Complete the cleaning with a clearing of your gutters to ensure your home functions well in addition to looking great. Once everything is free of winter dirt and debris, you can begin to plant your spring garden for a beautiful pairing of shining surfaces and spring colors.

Maintaining Your Spring Clean

Protect your spring investment by regularly maintaining and repairing your outdoor surfaces. By regularly performing a light clean and thorough inspection of your outdoor hardscapes, you can keep that fresh spring look all year round. Renew Crew offers regular maintenance as a way to help keep your outdoor spaces shining regardless of the strain from the winter months. If your surfaces need more than cleaning, Renew Crew can hand renew cracked concrete in your driveway or walkways.

Prepping for Spring

When preparing your outdoor space for a fresh start this spring, there are steps you can take before pressure washing. From securing your windows to shutting off electrical equipment outside your home, you can make the most of your pressure washing while ensuring everything is protected. And if your spring projects include installing new surfaces, remember you can outsource staining and sealing before the weather gets a hold of unprotected hardscapes. Take advantage of the warm weather by refreshing and renewing your outdoor space.

If you are interested in our maintenance, cleaning or protective surfaces contact Renew Crew today at 877-683-8000. We are providing free in-person and virtual estimates to get you on track for spring and summer.