Make Your Backyard Looks its Best this Summer

Memorial Day is the beginning of summer, the best season to spend time outdoors with friends and family. As you move outdoors for the season, you may notice what the fall and winter months have done to your outdoor living space, leaving built up dirt, grime, mold and mildew. Instead of looking at dirty surfaces all summer, a professional pressure washing company like Renew Crew can help you revitalize the surfaces.

Here are just a few of the surfaces you may want to look at in your backyard before your next barbecue:

Deck and Patios. When you think outdoor surfaces, your first thoughts may go straight to decks and patios. It’s where you spend your times outdoors and because it is a horizontal space, yard debris can build up in the fall and winter months leaving dirt behind.

Fences. Fences are the walls to your outdoor living space. It’s common for mold and mildew to settle on fences and other surfaces. Additionally, mud will cake on the bottom of the deck posts and boards, especially after it rains.

Siding. Have you ever noticed that your home’s color looks a little dingy? If you haven’t had siding cleaning in a long time, your siding may be dirty.

These are just a few of the outdoor surfaces you may have in your backyard that could be cleaner for barbecue season. At Renew Crew, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly outdoor cleaning products that leave your surfaces cleaner for longer. Our three-step process is simple:

1.) We apply an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to the surface. Whether it’s for decks, patios, siding, gutters or other surface, our effective cleaning products work their way into the surface, loosening dirt and grime.

2.) Once the product has had time to work its magic, we rinse the surface with a low pressure wash to revitalize the surface.

3.) The last step is our most important step: protection. Without protecting the surface, pressure washing companies leave the surface open for more dirt. At Renew Crew, we block the surface with a protectant that blocks moisture, dirt and grime.

If you want your backyard updated before the height of summer, please contact your local Renew Crew office.

May 20, 2015 · Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces, Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, and Exterior Cleaning