Make your Gutters look new with Gutter Cleaning When I say gutter cleaning, the majority of people think about removing leaves and other yard debris from gutters. While that is important to periodically clean out your gutters, your gutters themselves may need cleaning from time to time. Gutters, like all other outdoor surfaces, are susceptible to dirt, grime and stains. They can hold water and yard debris so it’s surprising that they too get dirty, but the majority of gutter stains don’t come from that. The most common dirt or streak you notice on a gutter is black. That is most likely tar and asphalt from the roofing shingles running down onto the gutters. Just like your other outdoor surfaces, the longer you wait to clean the gutters the worse they look and harder they are to clean. The black streaks that occur on gutters and can move down to your siding is a tough stain, something that is best left to the professionals. At Renew Crew, we use our three step process to clean gutters, leaving them looking like new. First we apply our proprietary foam cleaner. The foam sticks to the surface instead of dripping down right away like liquid. That cling allows the foam to work into the tough stains. And, if dripping does happen don’t worry, the cleaner is environmentally friendly and won’t damage surrounding plants. After the foam has time to loosen the stains and dirt and grime, we rinse off the gutters with a light pressure wash. The pressure wash is strong enough to get everything off the surface, but minimizes the risk of any damage to the surface itself. Inexperienced power washers, for instance, may use too high of pressure that can strip or cut the gutters. The last step in the Renew Crew process is the most important, protecting. Our protectant will keep your gutters looking cleaner, longer, stopping dirt and grime from settling into the surface of your gutters. It’s truly surprising how big of a difference clean gutters can make. You may not notice your gutters on a daily basis, but you will notice the difference after Renew Crew has been there. The whole house will look brighter (especially if you have white gutters). If you have questions on professional gutter cleaning, please reach out to your local Renew Crew office. Visit my Google+ profile! September 20, 2013 ·