Our Exclusive Three-Step Cleaning Process

Pre-Soak Foam

Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, this pre-soak foam clings and penetrates deep into any surface, loosening ground-in dirt and stubborn mildew. Our exclusive formula kills stubborn mold and mildew without the need for hard chlorine and is eco-friendly and pet-safe.

Power Clean

High-pressure washers can often do more harm than good, scratching your hard surfaces to get rid of dirt and grime. Our controlled pressure washing rinses the treated surface with a controlled, accurate stream of water that gently cleanses away all imperfections. This step ensures that no damage is caused to surfaces and your surfaces will be renewed to their original, desired appeal.

Protective Finish

Finally, we protect any outdoor surface to keep it looking great through every season. We apply special polymers that enhance the natural grain and luster of the wood, which also works to repel damage-causing moisture, block UV rays, and ensure that your exterior surfaces maintain that brand new look for longer. For concrete and pavers, we use separate sealers that prevent staining, shore up cracks, and keep the color looking great, no matter the weather. All of our sealants save you money in the long run by maintaining your outdoor spaces, cutting down on regular maintenance, and boosting the curb appeal of your home.