Prep for an At-Home Gym

Building a home gym is just like building muscle: you need to start with a solid foundation. We’ve compiled tips to help you find a space to set up and prepare your gym before you add equipment.

In many communities across the country, gyms remain closed or restricted due to COVID-19. As a result, many people have cut their gym memberships and decided to workout at home. The pleasant weather in fall and summer means that the outdoors is an optimal location for cardio or bodyweight exercises. However, as the cold winter settles in, an at-home gym is an attractive option to stay in shape and stay out of the cold.

1. Find Your Space

If your home gym includes large structures like a squat rack, it’s best to find sturdy ground, like the concrete flooring in your basement or garage. An unused basement has the perfect bones to be a great home gym. Or you can transform your garage into a workout area and park your vehicle in the driveway. For smaller items like a treadmill, dumbbells, or resistance bands, any available corner of your home can be your workout zone.

2. Touch Up Your Space

If you decide to set up your home gym in a location with concrete flooring, we would recommend sealing the surface before your move in the equipment. Our Crew Coat protects porous concrete surfaces from dirt, liquid, and wear and tear. Renew Crew diamond grinds the surface to remove any stains or discoloration before applying Crew Coat. With different colors and styles available, you can instantly transform your flooring to match whatever look you want. Plus, the smooth finish makes for a much more forgiving surface while you work out! After touching up the floors, make your gym more inviting with a fresh coat of paint to liven up the walls. If your home gym is in an unheated area of your house, adding insulation and heating to the room can make your workout more tolerable during the coldest months.

3. Choose the Right Equipment

The perfect at-home gym looks different for every person. For avid runners, an ideal workout space may consist of cardio equipment, bands, and light weights for crosstraining. For people building strength and muscle, a squat rack, bench, and dumbbells may be more aligned with fitness goals. However you decide to fill your home gym, build it on a well-cleaned, sturdy foundation to create a space where you will be excited to spend time.

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November 11, 2020 ·