Protect Your Home’s Health This Fall with Pressure Washing

As the weather cools off and the crisp fall mornings roll in, it’s time to begin the exciting process of decorating your home exterior for fall. But before you hang that golden-toned wreath, you should consider taking an important preventative step for your home’s winter health and pressure wash your home in the fall. While pressure washing is undoubtedly a good way to clean your house and make the exterior surfaces shine like new again, it also serves as an important step to ensure your home is protected for the winter.

Protect your deck.
Those summer storms bring a much-needed dip in the sweltering heat, but they also bring a lot of moisture and rain, which can lead to a build-up of mold or mildew. Add a layer of winter ice, and by the time your deck thaws for the spring again, the damage can be deep. It’s best to clean and protect before the problem arises – which is why our proprietary 3-step process offers a clean slate followed by a protective sealant against the elements.

Protect your roof.
Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean out your gutters. And falling leaves are one of the most effective ways to clog them. If your gutters are not able to properly allow water and snow to drain down from your roof, you risk damaging your roof’s structure from the added weight of the elements. Plus, it’s a lot harder to clear out your gutters when wintry debris is added to the mix.

Protect your curb appeal.
During COVID-19, people are moving out and moving in – a lot more than usual. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 22% of adults either moved themselves or know someone who did due to the pandemic. Curb appeal is always an important element of owning a home, and it’s especially important when trying to sell your house. Even if you aren’t moving, your fall and winter decorations look a lot nicer against the backdrop of a clean home – and you’ll feel better knowing that one additional maintenance task is crossed off your home improvement list.

With the changing seasons, it’s best to take care of your home’s health now, before winter worsens existing problems. Renew Crew’s eco-friendly pressure washing service cleans, seals, and protects your exterior surfaces against further wear-and-tear. Find your local Renew Crew by calling us at 877-683-8000 .

September 16, 2020 ·