Quality Deck Cleaning Solutions from a Reputable Pressure Washing Company A deck is more than the center for your outdoor fun. It’s also where leaves, branches and other wayward bits of nature gather. Once pristine wood becomes suddenly covered, and you find yourself often trudging outside to scrape the mess away. However, there is now a simpler—and far more effective—option for you to choose: a quality cleaning solution from a reputable pressure washing company, like Renew Crew. Finding a Solution: What to Expect From a Pressure Washing Company No deck is immune to time, with each day adding layers of grit and grime. Removing these layers requires a quality cleaning solution, but finding the right one can prove challenging if you aren’t certain what to look for. A long-lasting clean is only achieved through: A TRUSTWORTHY PROVIDER Finding someone to clean your deck is easy. Finding someone who will clean your deck correctly, however, isn’t. A business may promise strong results but fail to deliver, wasting both your time and your money. It’s important, therefore, to seek out a reputable pressure washing company, like Renew Crew. Do thorough background checks, insisting on proof of insurance and customer testimonials. SPECIALIZED TECHNIQUES Your deck is a collection of planks and memories, so choosing a company that specializes only in concrete patios, pavers or other hardscapes is a problem… and a potentially costly one. Any quality cleaning solution must be tailored to decking. Be certain that all formulas, pressure washes and polymers are suitable for your needs, rather than the needs of your entire neighborhood. A one-spray-suits-all method won’t work. THOROUGH SYSTEMS A flawless clean isn’t earned with soap and a hose; it requires thoroughness. Pressure washing should involve: Gentle Foam Formulas — Foam formulas soften the wood, easing away layers of dirt, mud and other sources of discoloration. They wash away quickly and leave planks smooth. Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Solutions — Solutions sink deep into the grain, eliminating harmful microbes (like mold or mildew). They should be non-chlorine based to protect every deck against bleaching or fiber-stripping. Polymer Mixes — Polymers should be the final step of any system, sealing decks against the elements, like the wind, rain or ultraviolet rays. Professional Care From a Pressure Washing Company To achieve a quality solution you need a quality provider. Choose a pressure washing company, like Renew Crew, that offers specialized care and reliable results for your home. Contact Renew Crew today and transform your deck. April 12, 2013 · Uncategorized