Safe and Effective Pressure Washing Services: A Task Best Left to the Pros In June 2012, Chicago Tribune resident columnist Tim Carter responded to a query from a reader in San Jose named Peggy that was thinking of renting a pressure washer to clean her deck, patio, and driveway. Peggy was particularly concerned about her siding, which consisted of a combination of wood and vinyl. She was also worried about how to ensure the safety of her husband and their beloved pets. Carter replied that when it is used properly, a pressure washer can be a convenient and beneficial tool. A power washer releases high-pressure jets of water from a nozzle to remove dirt, grime, mud, and dirt from any surface, which eliminates the need for vigorous scrubbing. However, such a powerful machine can also cause serious damage if the wrong angle or power setting is used. Homeowners need to be cautious when using a pressure washer. Better yet, they can hire a professional pressure washing service that guarantees a heavy-duty clean with minimal risk or damage. Pressure washing is especially useful for cleaning concrete patios and driveways. Concrete is highly durable and weather-resistant, yet according to the Chicago Tribune columnist, even something as strong as concrete is no match for extremely high-pressure jets of water. When it comes to safe pressure washing of concrete surfaces, it is best to rely on reputable companies like Renew Crew that are trained on the appropriate techniques. The water stream from a pressure washer is likely to cause greater damage to less durable materials like wood and vinyl. Fortunately, professional pressure washers know exactly how to pressure wash a wood deck without ruining it. Companies like Renew Crew will go even a step further by coating wooden decks with a protective sealant that keeps dirt, moisture, and ultraviolet rays from wreaking havoc. The columnist also calls attention to the dangers of having pets and kids around when using a pressure washer. Dogs are ultra-sensitive to the forceful sound of a pressure washer’s engine and may mistakenly try to attack the spray. The high-pressure water spray can cut into your dog’s skin or cause permanent blindness. Regardless of whether you opt for do-it-yourself or hire professional pressure washers, make sure that your kids and pets stay indoors for the duration of the power cleaning operation. There is no denying that a pressure washer can eliminate dirt, grime, and gunk from any sort of surface, as long as you keep safety in mind. Carter also points out that with great power comes great responsibility, and that a slight misstep can lead to severe damage. Rather than go the DIY route and be sorry later on, you might be better off leaving all pressure washing tasks to the trained experts. Visit my Google+ profile! October 06, 2013 · Industry news