Save Time and Energy with Professional Deck Pressure Washing With maintenance, care, and attention to detail, most things in and around the home will last a long time. However, when surfaces are ignored, they gather dirt and grime, losing their attractive appearance and even sustaining damage. This is especially true with concrete driveways and wooden decks. Unless you stick to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, a do-it-yourself cleaning could actually cause more damage to the surfaces in the process. Homeowners need to remember they can hire deck pressure washing professionals to maintain cement and wooden surfaces. Unlike homeowners, professionals use powerful eco-friendly chemicals and the right tools to clean damaged surfaces. Professionals are highly experienced with pressure washing and employ sophisticated techniques and professional cleaning agents to remove unsightly buildup from wood and concrete surfaces. One of the best parts about hiring a professional is that they usually guarantee their work – they are pros at making your home look like new. Professional cleaners also offer other benefits: Manage Mold Thorough deck cleaning manages mold. Over time, surfaces become safe havens for dangerous mold, especially wood decks and patios. As moisture builds up within, it creates a perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold then becomes airborne and can cause a range of health problems including respiratory diseases. It also contributes to the decay and breakdown of a surface. Restore Dingy Decks Both cement and wood surfaces take on a dingy weathered look over time – especially wooden surfaces. Professional deck cleaning should include expert pressure washing and sealing services to restore a surface to its original beauty. With wooden decks, cleaning companies such as Renew Crew seal the surfaces with polymers to protect against UV rays and moisture accumulation in the future. Maintenance Saves Money Regular pressure cleaning is an effective preventative maintenance measure for wooden and cement surfaces. For wood, the cleaning and sealing works to maintain the integrity of the wood. For cement, cleaning helps to remove stains and seal cracks so that unwanted vegetation and mold cannot grow. Regular maintenance prevents the need to replace wooden and cement surfaces prematurely, saving money over time. Patio and deck cleaning is an arduous task. Few people do the job right when they do it themselves. Companies such as Renew Crew provide safe, effective, and economical pressure cleaning services. April 25, 2013 · Uncategorized