Segovia – Deck Pressure Washing Tips for Responsible Homeowners Deck Pressure Washing Tips for Responsible Homeowners “Let’s go out on the deck.” The mere sentence conjures up images of sunshine, fresh air and good times shared. But what if, after uttering the sentence, you step out onto your deck with a lively group only to find that winter has taken its toll – the wood is gray, dirty and in desperate need of some TLC. Deck Pressure Washing and Other Maintenance Tips While it needs little maintenance throughout the year, don’t let your deck’s spring cleaning fall by the wayside. The first and most important thing you can do for your deck is a deck pressure washing, which deep-cleans your deck lickety-split and keeps it cleaner longer. Make sure your deck is decked out for spring by following these additional maintenance tips: Clear the deck of debris. Leaves and branches contain moisture – a known enemy of wood. The wind can only sweep away so much, so get out that broom. Wipe up stains as soon as they present. Wood is porous and will take on whatever you spill on it. Check for rusted or loosening fasteners and/or nails, especially in high foot traffic areas. Better yet,* invest in corrosion-resistant nails and fasteners*. Check deck railings for strength and safety, including splintering. Having to produce a pair of tweezers will cast a gray cloud over your gathering. Apply cleaners and sealants to your deck. A sealer not only protects your deck from the elements, it prolongs your deck’s beauty and longevity. Deck pressure washing before applying products insures the best seal. Power Washing: A Spring-Cleaning Essential As much as you like your deck, so do dirt, mold and mildew. Power washing not only frees up clingy unwanted elements that cause rotting and decay, it also restores the look of the wood to its former days. If deck pressure washing sounds like too much of a hassle, hire a specialist, who will not damage your deck and landscaping like DIY power washing can. Also, make sure the company uses eco-friendly products. Renew Crew cares so much about safety that we developed proprietary environmentally face cleaners and protectants specifically for exterior wood. Pride of Ownership A well cared for deck is an asset. Like all assets, decks need tending. Maintaining the quality, cleanliness and luster of your deck will not only add value to your home, it will enable you and yours to enjoy it to its fullest, and to say with pride, “Let’s go out on the deck.” April 12, 2013 · Uncategorized