Segovia – Get Your Home Ready for Springtime Revelries with Professional Power Washing for Siding Surfaces *Ready Your Home for Spring – Power Washing Siding* There is a season for everything. Spring is the season of renewing, recharging, and refreshing both you and your home, indoors and out. The siding of your home protects your residence from the elements throughout the year. It is stylish and practical, and requires little maintenance. But winter weather drabs, dulls and fades surfaces. Nothing cleans your home’s exterior better than power washing siding. Pressure Washing Advantages Cleaning the large surface of the exterior of your home is a big job entailing many important details. By Power washing siding, grunge and grime is blasted away. Strong water streams eradicate the deepest dirt, keeping your siding cleaner longer, without damaging it. Applying the right amount of water pressure and angle are key, and poorly executed DIY methods often results in damaging your siding. Whether your outdoor surface is vinyl, stucco, Hardie, painted wood or brick, it’s best to hire a pressure washing specialist. Renew Crew will deep clean your siding without harming it, and apply an eco-friendly sealant that fends off the negative effects of winter weather, pollutants and UV rays while boosting the shine of your siding. The Benefits of Hiring a “Pressure Washing Professional”: Are you familiar with hose diameter? Water flow rate? Spray angles? While DIY is always an option, renting a power washer does not include a skilled technician who knows his tools well. Effectively power washing siding requires the application of exact water streams specific to each material. It also deep cleans without gouging your siding and causing damage to foliage. A skilled technician also knows how to: remove unsightly stains from your siding like chalky oxidation without damaging it. repair and seal problem areas. avoid streaking and reduce the cause of mildew buildup behind siding. set the correct temperature so that your siding will not crumple, shrivel up or warp. avoid neck strain and falls and other ladder danger that could cause you much grief. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Hire a professional who knows the intricacies of power washing siding and will guarantee his work. Put Your Home’s Best Face Forward Smell the flowers. Hang a bird feeder. Host a BBQ and let refreshed and renewed siding make that all important first impression. The professionals at Renew Crew are more than able to ready your home for spring. Call them today. April 12, 2013 · Uncategorized