Ongoing Outdoor Cleaning and Protection

Twice yearly maintenance that preserves & prolongs the life of your outdoor surfaces.

So you’ve had your deck, patio, driveway, or other outside area pressure washed and sealed – now what?

Your outdoor space requires ongoing maintenance to preserve and prolong the life of the structure, as well as the protectants that keep Mother Nature’s elements at bay.

Let Renew Crew assist in maintaining and extending the life of your outdoor surfaces with “in-between cleanings” and protective finish inspections included with our Everclean service.

How it works.

Renew Crew’s Everclean service ensures that your outdoor living areas remain clean and ready to use, while also protecting them from the elements. Easy recurring inspections and light cleaning mean that costly total reseals are needed less frequently.

At each Everclean visit, our Renew Crew technicians will evaluate your surface to ensure that the protective coating is intact and guarding your investment.

Our technicians will perform a light cleaning with a neutral cleaner which will not in any way harm the original protectant that was applied. And better yet, you can be automatically enrolled in our Everclean service so that you won’t have to remember to call us to come out and inspect your outdoor living areas.

When the inevitable does occur and your surface requires additional attention, our technicians will notify our office and we will provide you with an estimate (at a discounted rate) to deep clean and protect the surface. All that will be left for you to do is simply sit back, relax, and continue to enjoy your outdoor living areas without the worry and hassle of doing it yourself.

Contact your local Renew Crew office learn more about our Everclean program.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Space Everclean Year-Round:

  • Prolongs life of the protectant
  • Maintains beauty longer
  • Prevents build-up of moss, mildew, & algae
  • Removes dirt, debris, and leaves
  • Maintains color longer
  • Makes surface easier for you to maintain between professional cleanings