Unbeatable cleaning & sealing for your log or cedar home.

The Deepest Cleaning

Ordinary power or pressure washing can’t reach deep dirt without the risk of gouging your logs or cedar siding. Renew Crew’s proprietary foam cleaner clings to vertical surfaces, giving the surfactants time to literally open your wood’s pores to loosen and lift embedded dirt and mold . We then wash it all away with controlled pressure that won’t damage your home.

No Grey, No Green, No Chlorine Bleach

Our exclusive chlorine-free formula removes mold and mildew embedded in your wood. (Chlorine-based solutions commonly used by others can change the pH of your wood, bleach away its natural luster, and kill surrounding plants.) Our solution also loosens grey wood fibers so they can be gently rinsed away along with the mold/mildew.

Sealing that Enhances Wood’s Beauty

Your home will be protected by a semitransparent sealant that delivers the benefits of both transparent and opaque sealants without their disadvantages. You enjoy a finish that enhances the natural beauty of your wood grain while blocking the sun’s damaging UV rays. Our proprietary polymers penetrate your wood’s surface, sealing its pores for the longest-lasting protection possible.