Cleaning and sealing pavers and hardscapes brings back that "wow" appeal.

Maintain the Beauty and Quality of Your Pavers & Hardscapes

Pavers and hardscapes are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor living space additions. Not only are they astoundingly beautiful but very durable and low maintenance. However, they are still outdoors and exposed to the elements and require care to keep them looking great.

Read on to learn more about the elements staining or harming your pavers and how proactive cleaning and sealing can maintain their beauty.

As pavers spend more and more time outdoors, certain elements are bound to reach their surface and could cause staining. Those elements include:
• Oil
• Grease
• Leaves
• Dust
• Tire tracks
• Mold & algae growth

There are also elements that cause actual damage to pavers including splitting and cracking:
• Salting
• Freeze-thaw cycle
• Acid rain

Caring for your Pavers

New Installation

Sealing pavers soon after installation will help prevent the penetration of oil, grease, leaves, and dust making regular maintenance much easier for the homeowner. It substantially reduces the damage caused by salt, freeze-thaw cycle and acid rain. Sealing pavers and hardscapes also help prevent moss and fungus formation and some sealers can stabilize the existing jointing sand and inhibit weed growth.

Dirty, Dull Surface

If your pavers and hardscapes are already suffering from the elements Renew Crew can help. We have a proprietary line of products formulated to treat stains uniquely based on their source. After removing stubborn stains Renew Crew applies a cleaner that allows us to rinse away efflorescence and ground-in dirt. The cleaning process restores pavers and hardscapes back to like new condition.

Seal & Protect

Renew Crew offers several choices of sealers depending on the look you want to achieve. Homeowners can choose from matte/natural finishes to wet look/color enhancing gloss finishes. Our professional outdoor surface specialists will work with you and guide you in choosing a product that best meets your needs.

Before Renew Crew, this paver walkway was dark and dingy…

After Renew Crew’s paver cleaning and sealing process, it looks brand new!